Arla Foods has had a shake-up of its Executive Management Group (EMG) to streamline decision-making and reflect the importance of operations in Sweden and Denmark.

Two members from the dairy co-operative’s EMG, which consists of nine people, have taken on new roles and been replaced.

Executive vice presidents Christer Åberg and Peter Giørtz Carlsen join the EMG as the heads of two new business groups – Consumer Sweden and Consumer Denmark respectively.

A spokesman for Arla said: “The core markets of Sweden and Denmark play a crucial role in respect of these aims and this is reflected in the new set-up. Previously, these two markets were gathered in one business group (Consumer Nordic), which will now be dissolved, and Sweden and Denmark have now each been given business group status and a seat on the EMG alongside the third major core market, the UK.”

Arla said the revamp was prompted by a decision by two previous members of the EMG, vice CEO Andreas Lundby and executive vice president Hans Åke Hammarströmm, to retire from the board. They have taken other roles at Arla.

A further change in Arla’s organisation will see its operations in Finland, Arla’s third core market, become an independent business unit reporting to Åberg in the EMG.

The current head of Finland, Robert Ingman, has decided to step down from daily management with effect from 1 December to focus on his family’s business interests. He will be succeeded by the current senior director for production and logistics Reijo Kiskola.