Arla Foods amba achieved a consolidated result of DKK 399 million for the accounting
period from April 17 to October 1, 2000, the company announced on Thursday.

Based on this and the interim accounts for MD Foods, MD Foods’Supervisory Board
recommends a supplementary payment of 7.8 per cent of the basic price for the
Danish co-operative owners. This corresponds to 17.07 Danish øre per kg
milk out of an overall ex-farm result of 246.29 øre per kg. The equivalent
figure last year was 241.63 øre with a supplementary payment of 12.33 øre.

It is proposed that this year’s consolidation be 2.40 øre per kg milk plus
0.60 øre in interest for the personal accounts established in connection
with the merger with Kløver Mælk.

The Board of Arla ekonomisk förening proposes that Swedish co-operative owners
receive 5 Swedish øre as supplementary payment for the 15 months covered
by the association’s accounts. The total paid out milk price will be 303.70 Swedish
øre against 297.90 øre the previous year.

All figures are for milk containing 4.2 per cent fat and 3.4 per cent protein.

The result is regarded by Arla Foods’ Managing Director Jens Bigum as largely
satisfactory in the light of the merger and the strongly competitive conditions
throughout Europe.

The relevant bodies will consider the accounts and supplementary payment in mid-December.

Arla Foods’ consolidated accounts will be published on Thursday December 14.