Swedish investment group BNS Industrier said today (Monday) that it had received approval from all the relevant competition authorities for its bids for oils and fats producers Karlshamns AB and Aarhus United A/S.

The necessary applications were filed with the competition authorities in Sweden, Germany, Norway, Poland, USA and Mexico in order to obtain permission to carry out the transaction. Permission to carry out the transaction has now been granted by all relevant competition authorities, the company said.

The acceptance period for the offers runs up to 20 September 2005. BNS Industrier will announce no later than 26 September, if the conditions for the consummation of the offers have been fulfilled, or if BNS Industrier decides to waive such conditions which have not been fulfilled.

Provided that the offers are completed settlement, both with regard to the consideration in the form of shares in BNS Industrier and with regard to consideration in the form of cash, will take place no later than 29 September 2005.