FruitLine AB, the real-time B2B exchange for the fresh produce industry, has teamed up with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young to provide technical, operational and development support for future versions of the FruitLine Trading™ system. Through this partnership agreement, Cap Gemini Ernst and Young will also provide technical assistance in integrating users’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with FruitLine Trading™.

“We knew that it was important to our future global expansion plans to have a partner with extensive international experience and a solid professional reputation, and we found both of these qualities in Cap Gemini Ernst & Young,” said FruitLine’s CEO Torbjörn Caesar. “What was important for us, and what Cap Gemini Ernst & Young clearly delivers is an international network of technical and operational resources. Furthermore, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s technical expertise will make our integration of users’ ERP systems with the FruitLine Trading™ platform a seamless and smooth operation,” he added.

The FruitLine Trading™ system provides real-time on demand market pricing, bidding and request information. FruitLine Trading * provides users with total transparency of the entire trading marketplace, and offers traceably for all trading transactions. The system’s users gain a clearer view of current trading conditions throughout the market and have access to a wide array of up-to-the-minute trading statistics and market trend information.

“Partnering with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young will allow FruitLine to dramatically expand it technological expertise and market reach. Our technical and operational expertise will ensure that FruitLine’s next generation of products and services meet and exceed IT industry standards for durability, scalability and ease-of-use,” says Alexander Hellström, an executive in Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s New Market Group for E-marketplaces.

FruitLine’s original development partner, the Swedish-based nsgroup, will continue to assist the organization in developing the FruitLine Trading™ system and will continue to provide technical as well as operational support. However, as FruitLine expands it’s operations outside of its Scandinavian base it was necessary to have a global partner who could provide technical and operational solutions on a worldwide scale, as well as provide worldwide ERP project integration support.

FruitLine Trading™ was developed using a number of modules integrated into one functioning system. The system’s three-tier architecture structure has proven itself to be an effective portal development solution, given the fact that the user interface is separated from the logic of the application, which in turn is separated from the raw data contained in the database. The system was developed for the Linux and UNIX operating systems. The use of C++, Java and UNIX makes it easy to port the system to many platforms – UNIX dialects, Linux, Apple and Windows NT. Therefore, there is no such thing as program distribution or version control. The latest version can always run everywhere. The FruitLine Trading™ Graphical User Interface was designed to require very little training for the end user.

In addition to its trading platform, FruitLine has also developed an Internet-based order management system, FruitLine’s Field-2-Store and an industry news and information portal, FruitLine WebWorld™. As the company continues to grow, additional products and services will be added.