Intentia, provider of specialist food and beverage software, has reported new licence orders up 21% in the first half of the year to £37.8m (US$54.5m). Net revenue growth increased by 15% to £124m.

CEO Bjorn Algkvist said he expected the Java-based version of Intentia’s e-collaboration software to account for more than 30% of new sales this year, as the group’s early investment in Java technology paid off.

Early in 2001 Intentia was restructured into six global business units, leading to greater efficiencies and streamlined resource utilisation. This, along with the early adoption of Java, leaves the group in a strong position to withstand the current dip in the world economy.

Algkvist pointed to a £25m improvement in cash flow to almost £7m, compared with a shortfall of £18.2m last year. Operating profits also showed an improvement. Ongoing implementation projects will further boost revenue.

Intential is about to release Version 12 of its e-collaboration software after successful pilot projects. It offers many functions required to facilitate effective collaboration between companies in the supply chain, including: e-Collaborator, XML-based business transactions, call centre integration, global capable-to-promise, multi-site planner and demand planner to optimise the flow of information through the value chain.