Swiss grocery retailer Migros has reached an agreement with Unilever over the sale of its ‘Jane & Mary’s’ ice cream brand.

Migros confirmed to just-food today (24 September) that it has agreed to change the name of its ice cream following protests by Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant Unilever that it was too similar to its ‘Ben & Jerry’s’ brand.

Spokesperson for Migros, Monika Weibel said the two firms had reached an “amicable” agreement in that it will cease selling the product under the ‘Jane & Mary’s’ brand name from January next year.

“We have settled the controversy over the likeness of the name,” Weibel said. “We are able to sell the product until the end of January next year because we have produced a certain volume of the product. Then we will take a different name, which I cannot disclose at this point.”

Weibel said the settlement was made out of court and that Migros is “happy with the outcome”.

Unilever could not be reached for immediate comment.