Lindt & Sprüngli today (24 January) announced that 2005 sales increased by CHF250m (US$189.39m)  to CHF2.247 bn. This represents a 12.6% increase on 2004 sales. Organic growth accounts for an 11.4% increase.

The company said that this growth was achieved despite a sluggish market and aggressive competition. Levels of chocolate consumption varied from country to country, but, Lindt said, “overall markets were less dynamic than in 2004.”

Growth was especially strong in a number of key product categories: year round products, seasonal gift collections and mono pralines and assorted pralines posted substantial gains in market share.

“The company’s strict adherence to its declared strategy, management philosophy, and concentration on its core competences – namely, to continuously strengthen its present position as number one in the premium chocolate sector – paid off,” the company said.