Nestlé chilled desserts, confectionery and cereals will be embarking on their first ever integrated advertising campaign from 28th January 2002. The aim of the campaign is to introduce new products, which will celebrate the launch of the new film from Disney/Pixar – Monsters, Inc.

Three TV ads are being created by Saatchi & Saatchi to tie in with the build-up to the UK release of the film on 8th February. Press ads will also be placed with leading children#;s titles. All advertising is based around the strapline ‘Get Them Before They Get You!#;.

Each of the main characters from Monsters, Inc. have been taken by Nestlé UK and products developed around them. The products RRP at 99p – £4.99.

The range includes:

I Screams – a fun green centered chilled dessert full of milky goodness

Blackcurrant Mousse – pots of bubbly mousse made with real blackcurrants

Fromage Frais – made with real fruit puree

Mike#;s Bursting Eyes – fruit flavoured eyeball shaped gums with a liquid centre

Chocolate Monster cake bars and character-shaped occasion cakes

Monster Cereals – in exciting 3-D packaging with 3 different boxes to collect each depicting one of the main Monsters, Inc. characters.

Nestlé UK is leveraging its strengths across four divisions including chilled desserts, confectionery, cereals and cakes to make Monsters, Inc. the biggest in-store Disney launch of all time.

With projected UK Box Office sales of £45m and with Disney/Pixars#;s proven track record of merchandise sales* – Nestlé UK saw this as an ideal opportunity to become involved in the strongest kids licence for 2002.

Ronnie Parry, Marketing Manager at Nestlé UK said: “We are delighted to be involved with this exciting film. We hope our new products will capture kid#;s imaginations as much as the film does.”