Swiss confectionery company Nestlé has said that changes it plans to make to Swiss chocolate brand Cailler are unlinked to the criticism it has received in the country regarding packaging.

A re-launch of the chocolate range in Switzerland earlier this year drew criticism from environmental and consumer groups for the high content of non-recyclable PET plastics in its newly designed package.

However, Nestlé has maintained that the small changes it intends to make this time around have been driven by the consumer.

Nestlé Suisse press manager Philippe Oertlé told just-food: “We will make a little adaptation from the re-launch. If you are to make innovations you have to hear the consumer and make these adaptations.”

Following this year’s relaunch, the Cailler brand also faced an April price hike war with retailer Denner, which refused to stock the chocolate and launched an advertising campaign slogan that translated to ‘Cailler sells packaging. Denner sells chocolate’. However, Nestlé Suisse said that discussions between the two companies were now continuing towards a conclusion.