British Inventor Stephen Thomas Beckett gained Swiss multinational Nestlé
US Patent 6200625 for a low-fat chocolate with limonene to reduce fat content.
The patent application was first made in the UK.

Low fat chocolate is a crowded field with players including P&G, Roquette
Frères, Hershey Foods, Lotte Co. Ltd., Derry and Igen

Abstract: The amount of a fat ingredient employed to produce a chocolate
product is reduced by preparing the chocolate product with limonene as an ingredient
so that a reduced-fat product is obtained, particularly for preparing a product
having a fat content of from, by weight based upon a total product weight, of
from 16% to 25%. An oil containing the limonene, particularly a deodorized oil,
may be employed for providing the limonene.

First of 20 Claims: A process for preparation of a reduced-fat chocolate
product comprising preparing a chocolate product with ingredients which include
a fat and a deodorized ethereal oil, wherein the deodorized ethereal oil ingredient
comprises limonene in an amount, for reducing chocolate product viscosity, so
that, by weight based upon a total weight of the chocolate product prepared,
the chocolate product prepared contains the fat and the deodorized ethereal
oil in an amount of from 16% to 25% and the limonene in an amount of from 0.5%
to 5%.

By Navroz Havewala, correspondent