, the agricultural B2B portal founded by B. Grimm & Co. in Thailand, is proud to announce that after less than two months of operations, the site now enjoys a trading community of more than 250 members. These members are all agricultural buyers and sellers from around the world representing countries ranging from Trinidad Tobago in the Caribbean to New Zealand in Asia. Members include retailers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, brokers and more. These companies range in size from small (less than half a million US dollars in annual turnover), to medium (2-5 million US dollars of annual turnover) and large sized companies (more than 5 million US dollars of annual turnover). About 19% of the site’s members are large sized companies.

All membership applications to are screened and processed in order to allow only legitimate agricultural exporters and importers access to the site. These companies have now begun to trade online by posting more than 120 selling and buying offers for all kinds of products including fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers, rice, grains, beans and nuts.

With the number of registered members rising from day to day, will now focus its efforts on forging strategic relationships with third party service providers such as logistics companies, insurance companies, quality control companies and more. is now actively involved in negotiations with two potential strategic partners who operate on a global scale. The ultimate goal will be to sell their services online to the audience of, a significant and focused group of agricultural companies.

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