Crocodile processor Sriracha Farm (Asia) Co has revealed joint investigations with Kasetsart University into the feasibility of marketing crocodile-based food supplements in Thailand within one to two years.

The new products include crocodile delicacies in pouches, dried and frozen crocodile blood in capsules and dried crocodile meat with Chinese herbs.

The company is also preparing to establishe boutiques in Tokyo and Paris offering Thai-made leather goods under its Sriracha brand, at prices two to three times cheaper than those of foreign rivals.

Marketing manager Kamthorn Temsiripong told the Bangkok Post: “We are the only operator in the world that has an integrated crocodile business from producing to marketing, including feeding, slaughtering, tanning and manufacturing crocodile leather products.”

Sriracha Farm currently deals with about 500 crocodile farms, who raise the reptiles on a contract basis. In 2000, the group had about 100,000 crocodiles on its books.