Visiting inspectors from Canada and South Korea will call on 16 chicken producers in Thailand to ascertain whether products and procedures adhere to the standards required for export.

The move is part of a campaign initiated by the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry to improve the quality of products destined for export, beginning with Canada. The government is keen to increase chicken exports, and the ministry’s Livestock Development Department believes the country’s chicken production standards will stand up to international inspection, reports The Nation.

Inspection teams will visit chicken farms, slaughterhouses and freezing and processing facilities. Five leading producers will be inspected by officials from South Korea’s National Veterinary Research Quarantine Service: Panus Poultry, GFPT, Thai Agri Foods, Saha Farm and Leamthong Poultry. Inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will visit facilities belonging to 11 other chicken producers.