After less than 5 months of operations, is now proud to announce that the site now enjoys more than 725 registered members from around the world, all of them agricultural industry players. About 396 of these registered members are located in the Asia region (mostly Thailand, China and India). More than 125 members from the European continent and about 118 members from North and South America have also become registered members of the site.

Up to this moment, 3 business deals have been successfully concluded and fulfilled by users of the platform. These deals involved the sale of sesame seeds from the Asia region to the Middle East, the sale of vegetables from S. America to the United States and the sale of yellow corn from Brazil to a country in the Middle East.

The site now enjoys about 250 trading offers that are posted online at any given moment. Furthermore, the site will now expand by the creation of a strategic partnership with SGS. SGS online services will be available on the site by late January 2001. continues to actively search out strategic partnerships of this nature in order to increase the variety of services available on the site.

In order to capitalize on the B2B and web business experience gained by the team, the company has also now begun to offer high-level web design and IT services to clients in different business fields. These new activities will be conducted under a separate company called Fresh @nswer  ( that enjoys access to development teams in Bangkok and India.

Fresh @nswer  is currently involved in negotiations with clients in the seafood and PR industries.