Greenpeace has warned Thailand that it will lose out in world markets if it embraces a policy in favour of pro-genetically modified organisms.

The environmental campaigner said that over 30 countries already strongly oppose GM products, while others have issued a law on labelling imported materials. Many of these countries are big markets for food product exports from Thailand, claims Greenpeace.

Last year, Thai canned tuna was rejected and embargoed by Saudi Arabia after the tuna was said to have been packed in GM soya oil. Thai tuna has been turned back by Egypt, Greece and the Netherlands because of similar concerns.

Greenpeace argues that countries which maintain a GM-free policy stand to benefit in world food markets as consumer concerns has led to many countries, retailers and manufacturers adopting a tougher stance against GMO in food. Greenpeace has expressed hopes that the Thai government will establish a GM-free policy soon.

The organisation will announce the results of GM contamination tests conducted on 30 food products, selling in Thai supermarkets, next week.