The Thai Government’s Public Health Ministry is being called upon to amend labelling laws so they cover the full range of GMO-containing products.

Original legislation, formed three years ago, does not cover all types of GMO products launched through advancing biotechnological advances, according to consumer groups – who are calling for better labelling of food, reported the Bangkok Post.

A poll identified by the newspaper said that most respondents did not even know a labelling law existed and had never seen labels informing them that food products contained GMOs.

Sairung Thongplon, manager of the Confederation of Consumer Organisations, told the newspaper: “Genetically modified technology involves changes in genes which cannot be seen with the naked eye. That’s why consumers should be properly informed about it in order to make the right decisions.

“’Effective enforcement of the labelling law is the only means to protect consumers’ right in GMO matters.”

Greenpeace Southeast Asia has called for labelling rules to be amended to cover all kinds of GMO-containing products no matter what the percentage of ingredients, according to the reports.