Thai pizza chain Narai Pizzeria has been threatened with legal action after producing advertising leaflets that detail the results of a taste test recently carried out by Time magazine.

In the taste test, consumers were asked to choose their favourite pizza from among those produced by Narai Pizzeria and the top two pizza restaurant chains, Pizza Hut and The Pizza Company. Those asked rated the Narai pizzas as better than the others.

Angered by the negative attention, The Pizza Company has now written to Narai threatening legal action if the leaflets continue to be distributed.

“We can’t understand the action of The Pizza Company,” said Apichat Tienpiragul, general manager of Narai Pizzeria. He added: “We are bemused that as very much the third players in the market, we are somehow seen as a threat.” The Narai chain consists of just 22 outlets in Bangkok.

Apichat commented however: “We ranked as the consumers No 1 choice in the Time taste test and are delighted a Thai company that has been making pizzas for more than 30 years came out first in such a well read and respected international magazine.”