Thai company Bamrung Amnatcharoenrit Sahachol Food Supplies has revealed its plans to establish a chain of 100 fastfood outlets during the next five years. The difference is that the restaurants, called The Konyakky House, will focus their menus on healthy Konyakky yams, a product pioneered by the company twelve years ago to aid weight loss. 

Surach Patanawongyuneyong, the company’s managing director, commented: “Opening a ‘fast health food’ outlet has been part of our plan since the company was started. Our fast food will be an alternative among the mushrooming junk fast food from overseas.”

The outlets will be operated on a franchise basis and the first will be opened in Bangkok in May. The company then has plans to expand abroad to the US and Japan, already key export markets for Konyakky yams.

Nutritionists working for the company will gradually extend the eight items on the original menu to include more healthy snacks, and a calorie count will be given on the packaging.

Sahachol, a 70% owned subsidiary of Saha, is confident that the venture will succeed, particularly given the intense consumer interest in healthy eating. Every outlet is expected to generate monthly sales on 1m baht, and the chain aims eventually to control 5% of the Thai fastfood market, which is worth 10bn baht a year.