The ban on the majority of Asian soy sauce brands over safety fears was lifted yesterday by the UAE’s General Secretariat of Municipalities (GSM) after tests revealed that they are safe to consume.

The ban had been implemented on 18 July when the Food Standards Agency in Britain warned that certain soya sauce brands from Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore contained 1.3ppm (parts per million) of the carcinogenic chemical 3-monochloropropane or 3-MCPD. The safety limit for the presence of 3-MCPD is 1ppm.

Khalid Sharif, head of the Municipality’s Food Control Section, revealed: “All soya sauce found in the market is well within the safety limits. The safety of our consumers is of utmost importance to us and we will never compromise on that.”
The GSM Council of the Board of Directors has also discussed recommendations by the National Committee for Food Safety concerning other food products. The ban of pomace olive oil remains after traces of the carcinogen carcinogenic chemical alpha benzopyrene were detected.

The committee has also made recommendations concerning honey labelling, rules for fish product exports, the use of organic fertilisers and the presence of Zionist products on the domestic market.