2 Sisters Food Group has opened a GBP1m (US$1.6m) food safety laboratory to test food from its sites all across the UK.

The facility, located in Nottingham, will test around 1m food samples each year from biscuits and ready meals to pizza and salads.

CEO Ranjit Singh said the laboratory underlines 2 Sisters’ commitment to producing “world-class food products” and ensuring its products are safe to eat.

“We have invested a substantial sum in this lab, and as our business grows, there will be an increasing need to ensure quality and safety go hand-in-hand. It’s what the British consumer demands, and what we demand as a world-class manufacturer.”

Earlier this month the company partnered with research organisation Campden BRI to create a training and development hub for food safety at its Birmingham headquarters.

Neil Khandke, group technical director for 2 Sisters said its facilities are regularly inspected and reviewed by its customers and authorities.

“Food standards in the UK and Europe are extremely high. The products tested here will be tested to verify that there are no problems with them. Obviously, it allows us if we see things, to take action should we need to and remove those products.”