UK food manufacturer 2 Sisters Food Group is expanding its Fox ‘s biscuits brand into savoury snacking.

The company has launched Fox’s Magnificos in three flavours: sea salt and black pepper, savoury cheese and spring onion, and red chilli and lime. 

“With our experience in the sweet biscuit sector we are perfectly positioned to make the move into savoury and provide brand new biscuit sharing experiences that are just as sensorially generous as our established brands,” Rachel Moffatt , brands sector director of Fox’s Biscuits , commented. 

Moffatt said the company hoped the launch would allow it to capitalise on the “growing” savoury sector, which she valued at GBP91m (US$145.86m). 

“With Fox’s Magnificos we’re bringing something completely new to the savoury table – a premium quality savoury biscuit sharing offering – and catering to the desires of treat seekers who are always looking for new ways to stimulate and reward themselves,” she said. 

The packs of Fox’s Magnificos bite-sized savoury biscuits have an RRP of GBP1.50 and are currently exclusive to Tesco.