A leading UK foodservice wholesale distributor, 3663 First for Foodservice, has announced that it is adding 35 organic and additive-free lines to its frozen, chilled and fresh divisions. Pure Organics and Additive Free Ltd will supply the new range.

The addition of this range considerably extends the alternatives 3663 offers the foodservice market. It consists of 25 Soil Association-certified organic products, which range from vegetables to ready meals, chipolatas to desserts. The ten additive-free products include fish, ready meals, sausages, nuggets and grills. Many of these lines are also gluten-free and dairy-free to cater to those with allergies, the company said.

Frozen, fresh and chilled division marketing controller Julie Moore commented: “Operators are finding that dietary requirements are becoming a greater consideration for their customers. Allergies, intolerances and food preferences play a major role in the choice of dining options a consumer will make, so catering for a wider range of needs is essential. We’ve introduced these new lines to meet the demand and give caterers a practical solution to topical food issues.”