A healthy snack bar made from hemp seed and other natural ingredients called 9 Bar has been taken up by the UK’s largest retailer Tesco.

9 Bar, which is produced by Wholebake, is to be stocked in 350 Tesco stores nationwide from 19 July.

“In today’s increasingly health conscious society everyday shoppers want wholesome and nutritious food to be readily available in their supermarkets,” said Wholebake’s managing director Mark Gould. “We are delighted Tesco is stocking the 9 bar, giving its customers a new choice of tasty snack bar which they can enjoy as part of their daily diet and reap all the health benefits.”

The handmade bars contain hemp which is a quality source of protein. They also contain all nine essential amino acids, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds as well as poppy seeds, many minerals and fibre, but no hydrogenated fats or artificial flavourings and colourings.

Wholebake claims that as part of a healthy, balanced diet, 9 Bar can help to lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart. The 50g bars come individually, priced at GBP0.69 (US$1.27), or in a three-pack priced at GBP1.79. The bar is also sold in Sainsbury’sWaitrose and health food shops.