Allied Bakeries, the UK bread arm of Associated British Foods, has decided to replace its Kingsmill Seeds & Oats range with a new line of seeded loaves.

The company has introduced a portfolio of four products targeted at families and at parents keen to get their children to eat seeds and grains.

The range – The Secretly Seeded One, The Lightly Seeded One and two loaves of different sizes under The Really Seeded One brand – replace the Seeds & Oats line, which was launched three years ago.

Allied Bakeries has invested GBP750,000 on the replacement of Seeds & Oats and introduction of the new products. Kingsmill brand manager Chris Heyn told just-food the change was a “proactive step”. He said sales of seeded bread across the category had been “flat” and the UK baker hoped the new range would inject fresh interest into the category.

“It’s doing something quite different to Warburtons’ Seeded Batch or Hovis’ Granary – those really well-known seeded breads. The Secretly Seeded One is the only smooth seeded bread [in the market]. The Lightly Seeded One is soft white bread with a sprinkling of seeds in – a much softer, lighter seeded bread. It’s a different role we are playing,” Kingsmill brand manager Chris Heyn tolf just-food yesterday (26 January).