UK flour miller, ADM Milling, has said it is to raise the price of its flour products for the second time this year.

The company, which is part of US agribusiness giant ADM, said increases of between £24.37 (US$41.76) and £34.37 per tonne would come into effect on 5 January, reported Reuters.

“UK wheat prices have risen to six year highs in the last few weeks. Prices of wheats for soft and biscuit flours have risen by over £45/tonne year on year. These huge increases, initially triggered by reduced European and UK wheat crops caused by the drought throughout Europe, have been compounded by increased export demand for UK wheat,” Ian Pinner, managing director of ADM Milling, said earlier this month.

The UK’s largest flour miller, Rank Hovis, is expected to announce within the next few days that it is also planning to raise prices.