The UK’s advertising regulator has ruled that a radio advert for Morrisons was “misleading” following a listener complaint.

The advert publicised a discount offer on M Kitchen Takeaway Tikka Masala. A voice stated: “At Morrisons M Kitchen Takeaway Tikka Masala is half price, at GBP1.75, perfect for your Saturday night in. Morrisons. More of what matters”. This was followed by a voice at a faster speed adding: “Most stores while stocks last. High price 27 Jan 17 Feb.”

A listener complained that the final line was unintelligible because it was delivered too fast.

Although the Radio Advertising Clearance Centre believed listeners would have been able to hear the words, the Advertising Standards Agency upheld the complaint.

The ASA commented: “The final line, which included information about when and for how long the higher price had been charged, contained material information which needed to be presented to listeners in a clear and intelligible manner. We noted that the line was presented more quickly than the information in the rest of the ad and considered it was delivered too quickly and that the words were difficult to hear. Because of that, we concluded that the ad was misleading.”