Arla Foods said it is targeting teenagers with the launch of a yoghurt line called Arla Squeeze in the UK.

The dairy group said today (5 April) that the range will be available in two flavours – pinapple and mango, and strawberry and vanilla. 

Arla said the product is designed for use “on the go” as it offers a “new way of eating yoghurt” as consumers can unscrew the pouch and squeeze it directly into their mouths, without the need for a spoon.

It added that the screw cap means that the yoghurt doesn’t need to be consumed in one go and can be saved for later.

Belinda Parkinson, future creations project manager at Arla Foods, said: “We found that the yogurt market lacks a product for teenagers and believe that Arla Squeeze, with its fun, brightly coloured and innovative packaging, will bridge the gap between children’s and standard yogurts.”

It is a creamy yoghurt, which contains no artificial colours or flavours and 2% fat. It will be sold in 190g packs with an RSP of GBP0.89 (US$1.45).