Arla has announced its UK launch of a lactose free “superior milk alternative” called Lactofree. The company claims that the new dairy drink, a UK first, “has all the great taste of milk, but contains less than 0.05% of lactose.”

Up to 15% of the UK population, Arla said, is lactose intolerant. This new milk substitute is aimed at people who want to drink milk but can’t. The milk substitute is produced by putting semi-skimmed cows milk through a filtration process and adding a lactase enzyme to ensure 99.95% of the lactose is removed.

Arun Prabhu, ideations project manager from Arla Foods said: “Lactose intolerant sufferers will no longer have to compromise on the food and drink that they consume. With Latofree’s lack of lactose we hope many more people will be able to reap the benefits of drinking a real dairy drink with all the goodness and taste of semi-skimmed milk.”