The UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) told just-food today (11 April) that it is investigating claims made in adverts for Walkers crisps following complaints about reduced fat and salt levels.

Members of the public have submitted a number of complaints to the agency suggesting that health claims made by the UK potato chip unit of PepsiCo are misleading, said ASA spokesperson Matt Wilson. 

“We have received objections from the public and are investigating some broadcast and non-broadcast complaints,” he told jut-food.

Complaints have centred around a poster and TV commercial that, it is alleged, make unjustified health claims about new recipes for the crisps. The poster showed former England footballer Gary Lineker holding a packet of ready salted crisps in one hand and a slice of bread in the other, the caption compared the salt content of the two products, saying both contained “as little” as each other. The TV commercial, also featuring Lineker, said that Walkers have reduced the level of saturated fat in their crisps by 70%.

Yesterday, campaign group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH), said that it was submitting an additional complaint about salt claims made in promotional leaflets. The government watchdog said that it is yet to receive this fresh complaint.

“At this stage we are just investigating the complaints,” Wilson said. “No decision has been made yet.”

Just-food was unable to reach PepsiCo for comment.