Richard Baker, deputy COO at British supermarket chain Asda, has urged his peers to focus on regaining consumers’ trust by abandoning phoney price claims and yo-yo price promotions.

Baker explained that an Asda-commissioned survey, carried out by TNS, has shown that only 39% of shoppers expect supermarkets to act with as much integrity as five years ago. Others surveyed meanwhile revealed that the supermarkets’ treatment of farmers has undermined their trust in the multiples.

The public is however most concerned with issues such as local pricing, where stores are seen to charge different prices in different areas, and the survey also highlighted frustration with yo-yo prices promotions.

Baker commented: “Building brands is about building trust and we should all work harder on the things that develop that trust. Unless we stop sniping at each other, we’ll lose customers’ goodwill.”

On a general note, the survey revealed that consumers believe the grocery multiples to be as trustworthy as solicitors, but nearly twice as “honest” as the Royal Family. They also seem to have almost three times the “integrity” of politicians, car dealers and builders.