Following yesterday’s decision by the EU to ban the export of live English pigs, ASDA today announced that a long-term European ban of British pork meat would force it to respond.

ASDA has promised that if the ban on live pig imports extends to British pork meat across the board, it will source nine Belgian pate lines from British producers instead.

“We rely on a healthy UK pig industry to keep ASDA shelves stocked with British pork and pork products. Yesterday’s announcement puts this future in the balance.” said ASDA’s trading director, Mike Coupe, “We will make this move in support of pig farmers who, should the ban be extended to pig meat, will need immediate support to ensure their businesses have a future.”

ASDA has pledged to source fresh and processed pork products as long as UK producers can supply the quantity and quality of pork it needs. All ASDA Brand fresh pork, pork pies, pork ready-meals, deli-bacon, sausage rolls, sausages, cooked meats (deli and pre-packed), takeaway meals, rotisserie gammon joints and pork on sale in ASDA restaurants is British.