UK supermarket group Asda yesterday [Tuesday] announced that its petrol card “Fill ‘n’ Save” scheme will be abandoned in favour of offering consumers lower fuel prices.

Asda explained that the funds saved as the scheme is halted over the next three months, and the points stop being issued on 28 April, will be redirected into reducing petrol prices. The withdrawal was piloted at ten locations, where customer research overwhelmingly indicated that customers prefer lower petrol prices to points.

The Fill ‘n’ Save scheme has been running for seven years, and operates in 142 of the  company’s 152 UK petrol stations. Asda insisted however that customers are receiving plenty of notice about the change, and that it will honour all points accumulated, including those on part-filled cards, until 1 November 2002.

ASDA’s non-food director Tony Page commented: “Our petrol receipts are already the best loyalty cards we could have.

“Our petrol customers are no different from our grocery shoppers – they want pounds in their pockets not points on their plastic.”