Asda will become the first UK supermarket to offer an own label range of organic ready meals specifically aimed at children.

The group has picked up 24 organic dishes developed by the parents of Georgia Stiles to help her combat autism.

Each ready meal follows a recipe developed by Pauline and Gary Stiles after their daughter was diagnosed with autism in 1995 and doctors recommended an organic, additive free diet.  

With few organic options available in the UK market at the time, the Stiles’ formed Pure Organics, supplying organic ready meals to specialist outlets.

The meals are free of preservatives and artificial additives and will be marketed under Asda’s Great Stuff Organics label.

“Thanks to Georgia, busy parents can now choose ready meals which they know contain only top quality organic food – at a price everyone can afford,” Asda chef Neil Nugent said.

Asda began working with Pure Organics last year. The meals will be available nationwide at a cost of GBP1.78.

“Neither being rushed for time nor the often high cost of organic food, will any longer prevent mums and dads from choosing to give their children tasty organic food,” Nugent concluded.