Asda has conceded that it is facing technical difficulties with its Price Guarantee website that have resulted in customers claiming more money off vouchers than they should be entitled to.

The Asda Price Guarantee promises that Asda will be 10% cheaper than its large rivals on a comparable basket of products, or the company will refund the difference. However, a glitch in Asda’s Price Guarantee website has meant that the retailer was undervaluing certain products sold at rival supermarkets.

This error has been highlighted by shoppers, with consumers sharing tips on how to use the fault  through internet forums, with one shopper claiming to have made over GBP8,500 (US$13,785) by exploiting the loophole in recent weeks.

According to an Asda spokesperson, the glitch has enabled a “very small number” of “savvy” shoppers to “beat the system” and claim “larger than normal” money off vouchers.

As a result of the problem, the spokesperson revealed that Asda put a cap of GBP15 on the amount that can be reclaimed for a single transaction on Sunday (23 September).

“Saving customers money is in our DNA, but unfortunately this is a gift that can’t keep on giving,” the spokesperson told just-food.

However, Asda has down played the impact that the cap will have on customer’s ability to claim money off vouchers under the Price Guarantee scheme.

“The cap with affect a tiny minority of our customers. In fact, only 0.24% of our customers generate vouchers for over GBP15, so this will have no impact on over 99% of people using the Asda Price Guarantee,” the spokesperson emphasised. “We will continue to guarantee to be 10% cheaper on a comparable basket of groceries than our rivals, or we will refund the difference.”

Meanwhile, the company said that it is “in the process of addressing” the glitch on its website.