UK grocery retailer Asda announced today (21 September) that it has relaunched its standard own-label food and drink range, consisting of more than 3,500 products.

The line, to be called Chosen By You, will include 500 new products to be launched between now and Christmas.

New products include single serve cakes, speciality breads, bistro pies, yoghurt, soup and dips.

The Wal-Mart-owned retailer said the entire range had been tested by over 40,000 customers across the country.

Some 200,000 blind tests were conducted by independent researchers and throughout the testing, 1,500 of its products had recipes, ingredients and taste “improved”, Asda said.

Andy Clarke, Asda president and CEO, said: “When it comes to our food, we’ve taken a long, hard look at our products, done a lot of listening to customers, and invested a significant amount of time effort and money. No other retailer has moved so aggressively to seek not just the counsel but the consent of the very people who buy and eat their products”.