At least 100 more products are to be added to the Food Standards Agency’s list of those contaminated with the dye Sudan 1, according to the BBC.

The agency said on Friday that 359 products would be withdrawn from sale because they had been contaminated with the dye, which may not be used in food. A new list issued by the agency today (Monday) brought that total to 397 products.

But the BBC said it had learned that many more products had been identified. 

“We are still collecting information. Over 300 manufacturers and retailers were involved in this recall, and it does take time to track down every last product,” said the agency’s chief executive Dr Jon Bell. “We are making it quite clear to all concerned that we expect them to have withdrawn all the products from the shelves by Thursday at the latest.”

The dye was in a batch of chilli powder used by Premier Foods to manufacture a Worcester sauce, which was then used as an ingredient in a wide range of products.

The BBC said the FSA had been criticised for waiting more than two weeks to make a public announcement after being notified of a potential problem by Premier Foods on 7 February.