Baby Organix, the UK manufacturer of organic baby food, has been taken to task over the headline claim it used to advertise its products. The headline, “For 100% Organic, choose Organix” has been criticised as misleading since the packaging for some of its products state that “99% of our ingredients are 100% certified organic.”

While Baby Organix has evidence to prove that it obtained special permission from UKROFS (the UK Register of Organic Food) to label two products containing non-organic yeast as organic, the Advertising Standards Authority deemed the headline claim was misleading as it implied the entire Baby Organix range was made with 100% organic ingredients.

The company is no longer running the advertising campaign and is modifying the headline claim with help from the Committee of Advertising Practice Copy Advice team, reported the Grocer trade publication.

“We appreciate the ruling […] but do feel the matter became a storm in a teacup,” the Grocer reported a Baby Organix spokeswoman as saying.