BakeMark UK has announced the launch of a new addition to the rapidly expanding Bon Vivant range of hand-held savoury snacks.

Fromage Lattice Deluxe is a ready to bake, puff pastry lattice with a cheese filling and crunchy topping.

“In development trials, feedback on the Fromage Lattice Deluxe has been excellent, with potential customers commenting on its exceptional taste, contrasting textures and satisfying larger size – it’s almost a meal in itself! The pastry is light and flaky with a crunchy cheesy topping, giving way to a delicious cheese filling, which makes for a really satisfying snack,” said David Astles, trade marketing manager at BakeMark UK.

Available from local wholesalers in packs of 48 units per case, Fromage Lattice Deluxe is suited to both bakers and bake-off operators selling hand-held snacks.