BakeMark UK has revealed the changes to its business it intends to make following the conclusion of a six-month strategic review.  

In a statement, the company said: “Implementation of these changes will see a clear and defined focus on priority product categories and a simplified company structure.  The move will enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service and position the company for a stronger future.”

The group will focus on five core product areas – bread ingredients, cookies, cake mixes, value added doughnuts and soft icings. “BakeMark UK will be able to better allocate resources to customers and align itself more closely to key growth markets,” the statement said. 

A Bread Focus Division has been created under the direction of Derek Kemp.  “It is the company’s intention to reassert its strength and re-establish its position as number one in this dynamic market segment,” Bakemark said.

Under the new structure, BakeMark UK will have three functional directors: John Lindsay, sales & innovation director; Andy Clifford, business support director; Fabrice Barreau, supply chain director.

Marco Bertacca, managing director of BakeMark UK, said: “These developments are a logical and necessary step for the company.  It is crucial to our future success that we continue to review our performance and identify areas for further improvement.  In the past, we have attempted to be all things to all people.  To become number one, I believe that you need to make choices.  A vital part of this process is listening to customer feedback and using our up-to-date understanding of consumer trends to deliver profitable, quality, market-relevant products.”

The company’s five trade brands – Arkady, Craigmillar, Caravan Brill, Bon Vivant and Readi-Bake remain unchanged.