The return of TV commercial from the 1950s that promoted the eating of eggs in the UK has been blocked.

An advertising watchdog in the UK has banned reruns of an ad that urged viewers to “go to work on an egg”.

The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) ruled that the ad, which featured legendary UK comic Tony Hancock, broke rules on promoting a balanced diet.

“Whenever BACC approve food advertising we have to seek expert advice to be sure that it complies with accepted nutritional guidelines,” the BACC said today (20 June). “In this case the advice was that the suggestion that you should have a couple of eggs every day was not nutritionally balanced.”

The British Egg Information Service, which wanted to screen the ad to celebrate its 50th birthday, said it had offered to add a line to the commercial to promote the importance of a varied diet. However, the watchdog snubbed the proposal.

“The BACC rejected this suggestion as being contradictory to the overall message of the ads,” the Egg Information Service said.