BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of UK-based broadcaster BBC, has announced plans to reduce unhealthy levels of sugar, salt and fat in children’s food products promoted by BBC TV characters.

More than 100 children’s food products are licensed by BBC Worldwide, including Heinz Teletubbies pasta shapes.

Salt, sugar and fat will be reduced in such products over the next two years, and popular children’s TV characters such as the Teletubbies will be used to promote staple foods, such as meat, fish, fruit, potatoes and milk, reported BBC News Online.

Some Teletubbies products, such as sweets and cakes, will no longer be available, although birthday cakes will still be sold.

The moves are designed to meet consumer concerns about rising obesity levels and the promotion of food to children. Nutritionists, parents and the government’s Food Standards Agency were among those participating in BBC Worldwide’s review of its licensed products.

Last year, a study showed that a small can of Heinz Teletubbies pasta shapes contained more salt than the entire recommended daily salt intake for a six-year-old.