A group of EU experts has said that the food industry must learn the lesson of the Sudan 1 scare.

In a statement on a meeting of the EU’s expert working group on agricultural contaminants, held on Thursday and Friday, the European Commission referred in particular to the law on the primary responsibility of food business operators and the application of HACCP.

The UK delegate updated the committee on the contamination Worcester sauce by the colour Sudan I. The dye was found in chilli powder used to make Worcester sauce, which was used as an ingredient in some processed products, the commission said.

This chilli powder had been imported in 2002 from India. The UK believed that the whole batch has been used. The late arrival of this chilli on the market in relation to its date of import was due to the long maturation process for the production of Worcester sauce. The UK confirmed that a level of 3 mg/kg has been found in the sauce and 80 mg/kg in the concerned chilli powder.

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