NFU President Ben Gill will meet the Prime Minister first thing tomorrow morning to give an update on the nightmarish situation for British livestock farmers struggling to cope with foot and mouth disease.

Mr Gill will outline the major problems farmers are having to surmount from animal welfare concerns caused by animals trapped on farms to stalled cash flow because of the export ban and movement restrictions.

He will also hit home the need for the rapid destruction and removal of animals affected by foot and mouth, an issue causing concern among farmers.

He will be joined by NFU Cymru President Hugh Richards and NFU Scotland President Jim Walker in the 9am meeting at Downing Street.

He said: “This will be another opportunity to put firsthand to the Prime Minister the acute concerns, fear and needs of UK farmers.

“I shall be raising with him the huge difficulties we face today and the severe long term economic consequences that foot and mouth will inevitably have on the farming and rural community, including those who survive through tourism and all the other allied industries.”

The Prime Minister will have talks with the allied rural industries later tomorrow morning, at a meeting which Ben Gill will also attend.

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