Bernard Matthews has been rapped by The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over a complaint against a recent on-pack promotion.

The promotion, which stated “Win GBP5,000 towards your groceries, 40 x GBP5,000 cash prizes to be won online instantly”, asked consumers to enter an eight digit code through its website.

A consumer however, complained that the promotion was “misleading” as three of the promotional packs he purchased included codes that were only seven digits long and were not accepted on the promotions website.

In response, Bernard Matthews Foods said it became aware of the issue, which it claims was a “printer error”, on 3 February following a number of calls to its customer care line and that the problem has now been “resolved”.

The company said it had compensated consumers who had contacted them in relation to the seven-digit code error and had taken measures to ensure it did not happen in future.

The ASA told Bernard Matthews to “take greater care when administering promotions in future”.