Unilever subsidiary Birds Eye Wall, which produces frozen foods, has spent £30m (US$55.9m) on updating its logo.

The popular seagull logo is to be replaced by a new logo which not many have yet clapped eyes on. Its identity is somewhat hazy. A Birds Eye spokesman is reported by the Daily Telegraph as saying: “The new logo has been interpreted as an eye, a tear drop, a leaf, a fish – that is really something to ponder over. It is not intended to be definitive by shape or design so it is interesting to see how people respond to it.”

Eagle-eyed shoppers may spot it adorning a new range of frozen foods from April onwards. The range, which will be officially launched in June, will include fish and vegetables for steaming as well as new chicken products.

The white seagull has been used since 1938. In 1998 Birds Eye tried to replace its ageing Cap’n Birds Eye sailor character with a younger model, but he was brought back in 2002 to popular acclaim.