Bison burgers have become a bestseller in Bournemouth, UK.

Local farmer Colin Seaford has been rearing American bison for the British meat trade for ten years. Business has however never been brisker than today as consumers become increasingly aware of lean and low cholesterol properties of bison.

“We do particularly well with burgers because they provide the perfect low cost introduction to a meat which customers might otherwise be chary of trying.” says Colin. “But having once tried bison the most usual comment we receive, particularly from the older generation of holidaymaker visitors is that bison tastes like “ the real” roasting beef they remember from childhood, but can no longer source nearer to home.

“We believe that the added flavour derives both from the natural grazing our stock, enjoy and from the fact that we hang our carcases for the traditional length of time.

What however makes Colin see red is when customers ask if they can also buy some mozzarella. “The bison, which is still classified as a wild animal, is quite a different beast from the domesticated buffalo farmed as a source of dairy products, and especially mozzarella cheese” he explains. “The confusion almost certainly arises from films about the American old west in which the prairie dwelling bison is almost always, incorrectly, referred to as a ‘buffalo’.