Michael Newman, an expert from global company The Boc Group, has revealed the results of research into better ways to maximise the freezing of food products. He believes that the process can be made increasingly efficient with a space-saving cryogenic impingement freezer, which uses atomized liquid nitrogen.

In a paper delivered at the International Institute of Refrigeration’s Rapid Cooling of Food Conference (28-30 March), Newman, the manager of equipment development for BOC’s Process Gas Solutions, Food, revealed: “The food processing industry has incorporated impingement heat transfer technology in food freezing systems in an effort to maximize production rates while minimizing floor space. Until recently, however, these systems have only been successful when using mechanical refrigeration.”
“Now, cryogenic temperatures combined with atomized liquid nitrogen droplets that evaporate rapidly on the food surface produce heat transfer rates beyond what has ever been achieved in any freezing tunnel. The result is a freezing system that provides maximum production in a very small floor space, while virtually eliminating dehydration losses and preserving cryogen efficiencies.”

Based in the UK but operating in over 50 countries globally, BOC has recently put the new research in to commercial production. 

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