UK catering supplier Brakes has launched a range of healthier foods for use in schools and other children’s venues.

The eight new products in the range have lower levels of fat, salt and sugar than their standard equivalents. Brakes has reduced the salt and fat in some of them by as much as 30%. The products are foods that are popular with children such as pizzas, sausages, beef burgers and cheese.

New products include a low fat cheese and tomato pizza with under 3% fat and controlled salt content, as well as reduced-salt bread and spaghetti rings lower in both sugar and salt than the standard Brakes product.

Given the spotlight on childhood malnutrition and obesity, many manufacturers are reformulating product ranges or devising new lines to fulfil the demand for healthier food for the children’s market.

However, persuading children to choose the healthy option is notoriously difficult. Nonetheless, Brakes is confident that its new products will be popular with children. The company cited research indicating that eight out of ten children liked the range, and said they would choose them if they were on the menu.