Sugar company British Sugar has launched Icecraft, a new icing sugar designed specifically for making smoother, whiter sugarpaste for cake decoration.

“Icecraft is superior to any other sugarpaste icing sugar on the market because it has been specially milled to give an optimised particle size,” said Danny Johnson, British Sugar’s commercial product development manager.  “Our customers told us they wanted a smoother sugarpaste, with easier handling and a cleaner taste and that’s what Icecraft delivers.”

Icecraft’s specification also means it produces much whiter sugarpaste than conventional icing sugars. “There’s no need for artificial whiteners,” said Johnson.  “Icecraft produces such brilliant white sugarpaste that British Sugar is promoting it with the question; “Are your whites, Icecraft brilliant white?”

“Regardless of whether a manufacturer’s production features ready-to-use paste, sugarpaste concentrate or separate ingredients, Icecraft gives a consistently high quality result,” said Johnson.

“We believe Icecraft will prove especially popular with makers of novelty cakes who target the special occasion markets.  Cakes aimed at childrens’ birthdays, Christmas, Easter, wedding and other celebrations will all have more impact by using this new product,” he says.  “Developed by British Sugar’s Food Centre and technical support team, Icecraft is another great example of innovation by British Sugar.”