Sugar company British Sugar, has introduced Celebration FreezeThaw, a new icing sugar with a freeze-thaw capability.

“Celebration FreezeThaw is an exciting addition to our successful Celebration Icing Sugar range and is the ideal solution to the problems that occur when iced products are frozen and re-thawed in the supply chain,” said product manager Paul Farrow.  “Although freezing iced products helps to cope with variable demand, until now it has often meant icing losing its shine and even running off the product.  Celebration FreezeThaw is the answer to these problems.”

Celebration FreezeThaw is a blend of sugar, glucose and the humectant sorbitol.  It works by minimising ice crystal formation and inhibiting water loss. “It ensures breakdown of the icing sugar is kept to a minimum,” he said.

Celebration FreezeThaw builds on all the inherent advantages of Celebration Icing.  Myra Hales, marketing operations manager said. “It’s so easy to use. As it’s a dry powder there’s no need to melt it. You just add water,” she said.  “The mixing takes less than half the time of traditional fondant.”

Celebration Icing has the finest particle size available, at 11 microns. “It produces icing with a vastly improved mouthfeel over that of standard icing sugar and there is none of the variability you sometimes find with traditional fondant,” she said. 

Celebration FreezeThaw Icing is perfect for a range of applications, including cream cakes and slices, iced buns, Belgian buns, Danish pastries, luxury products and gateaux, British Sugar said.

“Generally there’s no need to reformulate when switching to Celebration FreezeThaw, except to adjust the water content,” said Myra Hales.  “In addition, it remains stable in storage and has a shelf-life of up to six months. Celebration FreezeThaw is a further example of British Sugar’s drive to produce innovative new products to fulfil our customers’ needs.”